THE CELLULOID CIRCUS New Zealand Cinema History

New Zealand has a proud history both in film making and in their wonderful and historic cinemas. Over the years there has been a select group of dedicated, and sometimes eccentric, theatre managers whose passion has been devoted to preserving historic cinemas that have often only been marginally profitable. It is disappointing that some of these wonderful cinemas have sadly gone by the wayside over the years to make way for modern redevelopment.
I have spent a great deal of time in New Zealand and have met some of the unique characters who have contributed so much to the history. Many have talked about compiling a history of New Zealand cinema.
Wayne Brittenden has now done that and his new book "The Celluloid Circus" is an absolutely fascinating chronicle of the history of many of the great cinemas in New Zealand and the people who manage them.
The book is packed with some superb photos that truly demonstrate how big a part cinema played in the life of New Zealanders. It also includes stories and anecdotes from some of the participants.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has even just a passing interest in film or the cinema. If you are interested in purchasing a copy send me an email

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