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27 Oct 2016 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
When a successful bestseller like Girl on the Train inspires a movie, there will always the question of whether the script should accurately follow the novel or whether subtle or even major plot...


SULLY Clint Eastwood's film unwittingly shows major flaws in Crew Emergency Procedures

18 Sep 2016 | Added by user | 0 Comments
I can only assume that Clint Eastwood made a thorough fact check of the ill fated US Airways Flight 1549 of Jan 15 2009. It is particularly important that he portrayed the events accurately...


Killing time - killed by Free to air TV

30 Nov 2013 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
I first saw Killing Time with David Wenham on Foxtel a couple of years ago. I thought it was a compelling Australian Drama series with a great cast. However, it screened recently on one of the...


Caught Inside - Low Budget Aussie Surfing Film Well Worth Seeing

17 Mar 2010 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Good to see that the low budget Australian movie Caught Inside is now available on DVD.It was a pity that the film only had very limited release in cinemas here but it is well worth seeing with a...