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Paget's Talkies - Almost Forgotten Australian Cinema History

23 May 2018 | Added by user | 0 Comments
Paget's Talkies is an almost forgotten page of Australian Movie History. The company was established in 1908, taking Silent Films on tour to remote country towns in Queensland. Very little is...


COMPANY OF KILLERS Heavily Censored Australian Daybill Movie Poster

24 Apr 2018 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Company of Killers was a minor made for TV movie that had cinema release in Australia. For some reason, daybills that were printed for this title had to be heavily censored by stencilling over the...


THE STORY OF THE KELLY GANG Original Daybill Movie poster on display

2 Apr 2018 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
A reproduction of one of the most significant of all Australian posters has been on display in Melbourne at the ACMI Exhibition of The Story of Film Television and Digital Culture at Federation...


SHERLOCK HOLMES Movie Poster Book A Must Have for Collectors

22 Feb 2018 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Elementary Art: 100 Years of Sherlock Holmes Paperback by William S Major This is a must have for all vintage movie poster collectors. The book features 350 wonderful images from what must...


ABC Gold Coast Story on John Reid's movie poster collection

1 Jan 2018 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
ABC Gold Coast recently compiled a story on my huge collection of original movie posters.


Daybill Cover art for Love on the Dole

5 Feb 2016 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Australian Daybill Cover art for Love on the Dole Love on the Dole is a gritty British film produced in 1941 and dealing with life in the Depression, unemployment, poverty, unwanted pregnancy and...


BARBARA EDEN Autographed Movie Posters

23 Dec 2015 | Added by user | 0 Comments
Barbara Eden was in Australia recently and she signed a small selection of daybills for me including Five Weeks in a Balloon, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm and Harper Valley PTA. Barbara...


Rare Movie posters found in Country Victoria

26 Jun 2015 | Added by John Reid | 5 Comments
Rare Movie Posters discovered in a shed in Country Victoria I am in the process of securing a collection of Vintage movie posters that was found in an old...


Hell Drivers Movie Poster

20 Dec 2014 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Just in, a wonderful Italian Locandina Movie Poster for the cult British film Hell Drivers, a dark and sometimes disturbing insight into the life of truck drivers in the north of England. Cy Endfield...


The Phantom Movie Poster

20 Dec 2014 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Many male Baby Boomers have fond childhood memories of eagerly awaiting the latest issue of the iconic comic "The Phantom" to appear at their local news agency. There were no ipads, iphones...


Welcome to our New Website!

20 Nov 2014 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
Our Website has had a makeover! was established over 10 years ago and although the old site still functioned very effectively, there have been many improvements and changes in...


BILL KERR has died Aged 92 Australian Actor

29 Aug 2014 | Added by John Reid | 0 Comments
The Australian Actor Bill Kerr has died aged 92 at his home in Perth. He was born in Cape Town in 1924 he grew up in Wagga Wagga in NSW and appeared as a child actor in two important early Australian...