LEIGH TAYLOR-YOUNG Signing a Daybill Movie Poster for The Horsemen

Leigh Taylor-Young starred in The Horsemen with Omar Sharif and Jack Palance. She autographed a daybill for me in Los Angeles on 28th April 2018.


Although she does sign many 8 x 10 photos she was fascinated to see and original daybill and had not sigend one before.


Leigh Taylor-Young has appeared in a diverse range of tilms and TV shows over the years commencing with an ongoing role in Peyton Place. She picked up minor roles in various films before co starring in The Horsemen and Soylent Green.


She has said  that she had been very nervous about her love scene with Charlton Heston in Soylent Green (1973). When the shower scene was filmed with Charlton Heston, she attempted to break tension by joking that perhaps Heston could part the shower water, a reference to his famous role as Moses in The Ten Commandments (1956). Charlton Heston apparently did not understand the reference, perhaps because he too was nervous about the scene.


Some of her best work was in Television, particularly later in her career and she picked up an Emmy for her role in Picket Fences.


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