Rod Taylor Movie Posters

The Birds and The Time Machine are probably the most popular and sought after of Rod Taylor Movie Posters. Both films featured Rod Taylor at his peak in the early 60s and those two films were his finest as an actor.


Rod Taylor was born in Lidcombe in NSW in 1930 and educated in Parramatta. He was inspired to become an actor after seeing Laurence Olivier in an Old Vic tour of Australia.


Like many prominent Australian actors, Rod Taylor started his career in radio, providing the character voices in many of the popular radio serials.

He soon picked roles in film, with his debut in King of the Coral Sea with Charles Tingwell.

Rod Taylor won a trip to Los Angeles and England in 1954 as Radio Actor of the Year. He only made it to Los Angeles where he soon picked up roles in film and television.


He reached the height of his career in 1960 with the starrring role in H.G.Wells' The Time Machine and a few years later in the lead role in Alfred Hitchcock' The Birds. He continued to pick up plenty of work through the 60s and 70s and returned to Australia to make The Picture Show Man with John Meillon and Welcome to Woop Woop.


His most recent role was as Winston Churchill in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds.

Although the Birds is one of the most sought after of all Rod Taylor movie posters, most of the images do not actually feature Taylor but focus on the birds attacking Tippi Hedren. The Time Machine is another of Rod Taylor's movie posters that does not feature a great image. He died on January 7 2015 aged 84.


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