NOW LISTING: An amazing collection of Australian Long Daybill Movie Posters

Vintage Long Daybills

I will be listing a collection of vintage Australian long daybill movie posters over the next month or so that will be one of the largest and most comprehensive presentations that has been seen in one place. Many of the posters are so rare that they can truly be considered "the only known copy". Long daybills were printed for Australian films from the early 1910s up until 1941. They measure approximately 15" x 40" and are longer than the later and more commonly seen daybills that were produced after 1941.


Long daybills represent a classic era in Australian movie posters. The artists were often highly skilled and they produced many truly magnificent posters. Although long daybills are often found with condition issues, they usually display very well. Many of the daybills in the collection I will be listing have been found under floor coverings leaving some indentations and marks but they have survived remarkably well over time.


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