The Day the Earth Stood Still Daybill – Original or Reissue


The Day the Earth Stood Still Daybill (1951) Original or Reissue

Directed by Robert Wise. With Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe.
One of the great Sci Fi films. Original Australian Daybills are hard to find but a 70s reissue is often misrepresented as the original release. The original daybill is a superb hand litho poster.The reissue was printed for a release in the 1970s but the screening was apparently withdrawn and posters that had been printed were never used. The printer and censorship details are different which makes it easy for those who have some knowledge of Australian posters to identify but a number of novice collectors have been deceived into thinking the reissue is original.
The story goes that at least one dealer managed to obtain a quantity of these posters from the distributers and the reissues that appear from time to time are usually in mint condition.
The original and reissue are shown here side by side.






















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