TARZAN’S THREE CHALLENGES Daybill Movie poster Original or Reissue?

Tarzan's Three Challenges was released in 1963 and the orignal daybill movie poster is farily rare. Experienced collectors would be aware that the original would need to carry a "For General Exhibition" censor logo. When seen together it is fairly obvious that the daybill on the right is a re release. The reissue daybill carries the NRC censor details which confirms that it was printed after 1971. 


The reissue daybill turns up from time to time on ebay and is occasionally misreprented as being original release.


Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)
Director: Robert Day
Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs (characters), Robert Day
Stars: Jock Mahoney, Woody Strode, Tsu Kobayashi

The spiritual leader of an oriental country is dying. The leader's evil brother Khan is plotting to prevent Kashi, the youthful heir, from assuming his rightful position.

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