MYSTERY OF PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK Daybill Movie Posters Original or Reissue?

14 Oct 2019 | Added by John Reid

Two original Daybills for Picnic at Hanging Rock were printed. Although they are both very similar, they were printed by different printers for some unknown reason. It is impossible to tell which one came first but one is more desirable than the other. 


The Robert Burton printed daybills all have a printing flaw just below the top foldline and another one in the lower third of the poster through Anne Lambert's dress. The M.A.P.S printed daybills dont have any printing flaws and are consequently the more desirable of the two posters. It is possible that the M.A.P.S printed daybills came first and the Burton daybills copied the M.A.P.S daybill leaving the printing flaw where the M.A.P.S daybills had been folded. This was not unusual and happened commonly with Sexploitation posters from the era.


Whatever the reason, the M.A.P.S daybill is the one to have.


Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)
Director: Peter Weir
Writers: Joan Lindsay (novel), Cliff Green (screenplay)
Stars: Rachel Roberts, Anne-Louise Lambert, Vivean Gray

During a rural summer picnic, a few students and a teacher from an Australian girls' school vanish without a trace. Their absence frustrates and haunts the people left behind.


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Very helpful, thank you - I had always wondered about this. It’s nice to know that the Burton version dates to the original release despite its flaws.

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