Jesse James Daybill (1927): Original or Reissue?

Jesse James Daybill (1927): Original or Reissue?


Long Daybills are so rare that some dealers and collectors have mistakenly assumed that a poster is original because it is the only one that has ever turned up. One of the classic American westerns, Jesse James, (1927) starring Fred Thomson, is a good example. When the poster that is pictured to the left turned up recently many thought it was original.







































However, a clue would have been that Paramount posters were printed by The Richardson Studio whilst this one was printed by Morrison and Bailey. There may have been some exceptions to the rule but you would usually expect to be looking for an original Paramount daybill to be printed by The Richardson Studio. 


The image to the right is printed by the Richardson Studio and is full colour with more detailed graphics. When you have a good look at this poster it seems obvious that it is the original but it has been rarely, if ever, seen up until recently so anyone finding the Morrison and Bailey printed daybill could easily assume that the poster that they have is original.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no specific recorded information as to exactly when the "reissue" daybill was printed. I would suspect it was printed soon after the original release but no one can be absolutely sure.


There are other instances of Long Daybills that are described as original when they are actually reissues. Some sellers take the safe approach in describing all long daybills as "pre war Australian Daybills". That is essentially accurate and saves them having to deal with later claims that the poster they sold was a reissue rather than original but it does leave the onus on the buyer to make their own determination. Watch this space for more on long daybills    


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