Ask Any Girl Daybill Original of Reissue?

Ask Any Girl Daybill Original of Reissue?


Some daybills are so rare that many think that a more commonly seen reissue is the original. Reissued daybills for some of the more sought after titles like North by Northwest and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof are still misrepresented usually by part time sellers.


It seems that a number of daybills were reissued in the early 1960s. This often did not coincide with any official re release of the film. It is difficult to determine why the posters were reissued or exactly when but, as they are usually full colour hand lithos, it is certainly confusing to collectors and dealers. One example is for the David Niven and Shirley MacLaine film, As Any Girl. 


The film was released in 1959. A daybill printed by Robert Burton (lh yellow backgound) is commonly seen and assumed to be the original release but recently another daybill printed by Chromo Print surfaced (rh side). That daybill features very similar art to the original US version.


Chromo Print only printed movie posters for a very short period around 1959 so it is certain that this daybill is original. I doubt that this film would have had an official re release so why would the poster have been reissued? It seems that a large number of full colour daybills were printed for re releases in the mid 1960s.    


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