FAIL SAFE One Sheet Movie Poster Henry Fonda


EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho Australian one sheet 27" x 40" folded as issued very good – fine condition (see enlarged photo).
This poster comes from a collection of movie posters recently discovered in an old shed on a farm in country Victoria. The posters range from 1930s – 1960s and cover a wide range of genres and styles. Condition varies on the posters as they were not stored with care but linen backing would address any issues that they may have.


Fail Safe (1964)

Directed by Sidney Lumet.

With Henry Fonda, Dan O'Herlihy, Walter Matthau, Dom DeLuise, Fritz Weaver, William Hansen, Frank Overton, Edward Binns, Sorrell Booke, Larry Hagman, Nancy Berg, Russell Collins, Russell Hardie, John Connell, Frank Simpson, Hildy Parks, Janet Ward, Dana Elcar, Stewart Germain, Louise Larabee

Fail-Safe is a 1964 Cold war thriller film directed by Sidney Lumet, based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler. It portrays a fictional account of a Cold War nuclear crisis. The film features performances by veteran actors Henry Fonda, Dan O'Herlihy, Walter Matthau and Frank Overton. Early film appearances include Fritz Weaver, Dom DeLuise, and Larry Hagman as the President's interpreter.
In 2000, the novel was adapted again as a televised play, starring George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, and Noah Wyle and broadcast live in black-and-white on CBS.



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